Our Story

Blucities was founded by Matt Martin who after 20 plus years working in large corporate chemicals companies and founding a local franchise for “green” disinfecting and cleaning products realized there was something missing in the market.

1.   We are entering a new world with many new solutions for  cleaning and disinfecting.

2.   The cleaning and construction industry is not well positioned to understand, advocate or deliver products that healthy homes, schools and business need.

3.   With so many new products coming into the market for odor removal, mold remediation, building restoration and indoor air quality there is a need for a provider who marries advanced, “green” chemicals and coatings with knowledge of home, school and commercial HVAC systems and structures.

Thus Blucities was formed.  

In our first year, we have treated:

⇒  Treated over 100 homes for odor removal and in some cases removed harmful pathogens like MSRA, Staff and other cantagious diseases.

⇒  We have treated building with advanced coatings that purifies air – removing smog – and providing a long-lasting (3+ years) of protection of new mold or mildew growth.

⇒  Treated  high school athletic rooms, pools and bathrooms providing a protective barrier on pool furniture and bathrooms that kills harmful bacterial.


            Matt Martin

Matt Martin

Founder and President

Chris Foley

Chris Foley


Joined in 2019 after supporting Matt on branding, vision and launch for Blucities.