Restore and preserve home/building appearance


Dirt, grime, oxidation, mold . . . all of these factors can degrade the look and color of your home or buildings surfaces and signs.

You can reduce the frequency and cost of cleaning by applying our coatings. 

Our Solutions
We offer two solutions depending on surface
and health goals

(1) For glass, Blucities can save on cleaning exterior glass clearing by 50% by applying a
revolutionary product that has been tested and used on the Space Station .

 Before and after photos to the right show elimination of streaking and residue build up.

AND, coating exterior glass can purify surrounding air including research-backed results
for reducing NOx, a major contributor to smog.

 (2)  Blucities can save on cleaning vinyl, wood, concrete, canvas (awnings) and stucco by 

applying our color renewal product you building exterior surfaces, INCLUDING
signs can be restored to like-new colors and resist mold and oxidation
for up to 3 years saving thousands in pressure washing or refurbishing cost.

Before and after photos show restoration of concrete surface.



The Villages, Florida
“We have treated thousands vinyl sided homes in The Villages, restoring homes to like-new color and guaranteeing surface color and cleanliness for three years!”

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We Guarantee Results