May Special

Re-open your Office, Gym, Day Care, Restaurant or Bar with hospital-grade certified disinfecting.

15 Cents per Square Foot! You will not find a better deal!

The first facility in Franklin with concerns about the coronavirus called Blucities

  • Hospital-grade Disinfecting – 99.999% sanitizing in under 30 seconds. 
Used in hundreds of hospitals (i.e. Noroxycdiff)
  • Certified for Coronavirus, Flu, Mold and more
  • EPA (GRAS) - Generally Recognized as Safe – our process leaves no toxic residue
. In fact, your facility will have a clean, lemon-fresh scent
  • Our unique blend also provides a residual or longer-lasting disinfecting agent through the use of Thyme Oil - an essential oil and antimicrobial that is effective in killing viruses and bacteria

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We service the greater Nashville area including Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and all of Sumner and Rutherford Counties

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BluCities - disenfecting