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“Our focus is on a healthier and a greener planet.”


Electrolyzed Water
Nature's Response for Our Times

    • A chemical approved by the CDC to fight COVID-19
    • Green School Initiative recommends it's use over bleach, quats (ammonia) and other chemicals
    • Used by the US Military for 80 years
    • The CDC states it is 80 times more powerful than bleach
    • FDA approved to use on food and food surfaces
    • No harmful chemicals and requires no PPE to handle or use !
    • Available on-demand and thus the more you produce and use, the LESS it cost


We Service

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Blucities uses EPA and FDA certified safe chemicals to disinfect. The GREAT new is - our solutions are more effectiveat killing flu, norovirus, coronavirus and C-diff and hundreds of other pathogens than the chemicals we’ve grown accustomed. In fact, most of the chemicals today are harmful.



Skunk, smoke, pet and cooking odors. We guarantee the elimination of odors. We use a proprietary process that deploys an extremely effective gassing solution based on chlorine dioxide. Our process ensures safety and we have succeeded where other solutions have failed and in the case of using ozone machines, the EPA warns that ozone is not safe for humans.

Molds and Allergens

Depending on the disinfecting and deodorizing solution we deploy, our solutions can also kill mold, mold spores and in some cases, we can guarantee treatments that keep mold from growing back on indoor or outdoor surfaces for years.

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Industries We Serve

We serve home owners, real estate brokers, property managers and directors charged with improving the health and safety of tenants in assisted living centers, medical settings, hotels, health clubs, restaurants and schools.

Used in many senior living, assisted living and memory care centers
Electrolyzed water is used in leading schools throughout US
interior of modern gym
De-odorized homes sell faster
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