Hospital-grade Disinfecting & Air Quality for Everyone


Time Magazine Same Fear Different Year

Disinfecting technologies have not changed for years . . . Until Now!

  • Our solutions harness nature's response to fighting infection
  • Our solutions are research backed and used by our medical advisors
  • Are SAFE for humans, pets, plants and SAFE for the environment
  • Are more cost effective and not popular with large chemicals companies

“Our focus is on a healthier and a greener planet.”

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Hypochlorous Acid or electrolyzed water is produced in the human body and has been used in the military for 80 years. 

Electrolyzed Water is Nature's Response for Our Times

    • A chemical approved by the CDC to fight COVID-19
    • Green School Initiative recommends it's use over bleach, quats (ammonia) and other chemicals
    • The CDC states it is 80 times more powerful than bleach
    • FDA approved to use on food and food surfaces
    • No harmful chemicals and requires no PPE to handle or use !
    • Available on-demand and thus the more you produce and use, the LESS it cost


“ACTIVE Disinfecting Technology invented by NASA”

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NASA needed clean and purified air and surfaces on the space station to keep astronauts safe.  Now this technology is in our schools and homes.

Patented Air Purification Technology Found No Where Else

    • FDA approved to fight COVID-19
    • Air and surfaces are disinfected and 'actively' continue to disinfect as long as the machine is on
    • Machine is working while people and pets are in the room or car
    • Naturally occuring molecules & ions are released into the air and kill viruses, bacteria, mold and even neutralize volatile organic compounds and smog
    • No harmful chemicals and requires no PPE to handle or use !
    • To good to be true . . . The Cleveland Clinic and Philadelphia School System think not


"Turnkey de-odorizing & disinfecting service used by the US Government”

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Did you know that odor is the primary reason potential buyers and renters leave a home?

The Solution Owners, Agents and others turn to when all else fails

    • A people, pet and food safe gassing system that REMOVES odors
    • Our solution removes the odor causing molecules
    • Safer than ozone machines which the EPA deem as "unsafe"
    • Our turnkey service is guaranteed
    • No harmful chemicals or residues are left behind


We serve commercial and residential clients

We are proud to have served our customers in the following industries:

♦ Home owners

♦  Airbnb owners

♦  Real estate agents

♦  Facility and property managers with:

      o  Assisted Living Centers

      o  Skilled Nursing Homes

      o  Schools

      o Restaurants

      o Gyms, Health Clubs and Hotels 

Electrolyzed water is used in leading schools throughout US
De-odorized homes sell faster
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