Facility Directors, Property Managers, Health & Environment Professionals, Public Officials

We offer a range of services to a variety of professionals who are charged with controlling infection and improving the environment of where their tenants and customers live, learn, work and train.

Eliminate Contagious Diseases

We offer hospital-grade disinfectants proven to kill even the most resistant viruses and super bugs. Super Bugs such as MRSA are recognized as a major health threat.

The latest product we are recommending is electrolyzed water.  These generators are installed on site and produce as much EPA and FDA approved chemicals as you need.  The product carries a US Patent to remove all corrosive elements – it has the ‘cleanest’ safety data shown known and the CDC has approved hypochlorous acid as an emerging product to kill coronavirus.

For customers looking for a different solution, we offer organic, safe and EPA approved solutions to disinfect and de-odorizing homes and businesses. This solution leverages a proprietary blend of Thyme-Oil – a proven, safe antimicrobial.

Manage Outbreaks

Blucties responds in 24 hours to disinfect clubhouse from coronavirus.

Manage Outbreaks

odor removal

Blucities odor removal expertise guarantees removal of all skunk, smoke, cooking and pet odors.  Our proprietary products and process can combine the power of chlorine dioxide and anti-microbial disinfectants to eliminate (not mask!) odors.  Odor is a major issue for real estate agents and property managers working to improve the “sale-ability” of properties.

Homeowners turn to Blucities to remediate skunk and pest odors and for general disinfecting to improve owner health and reduce allergens and asthma triggering pathogens.

Nations Leading Home Agent

Blucities has treated over 400 homes in 5 states. We’ve proven our ability to lower the number of days a home is on the market.

Odor Removal

Mold, algae, smog all coat the exterior of buildings and signs over time

Blucities utilizes two different solutions to eliminate mold and mildew and to restore building surfaces to their original color with long-term resistance to oxidation, mold and mildew.

To kill indoor and outdoor mold, the product and applications we use provide:

  • Long lasting residual resistant to new mold growth (up to 5 years)
  • Silver and Zinc ion shield
  • Reduce Labor by as much as 80%
  • Attacks organic stains, destroys mold
  • Biodegradable – penetrates deep into wood and stone
  • Heavy duty mold stain and mold mitigation product

To restore building materials to like-new colors, we utilize a new product that:

  • Restores Color and Luster of faded Vinyl Siding (and other surfaces too!)
  • Prevents Future Fading and Oxidation, lasts up to 10 years!!
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Forms a Clear, Protective Shield that won’t Crack, Peel or Discolor
  • Helps protect against UV Rays and Acid Rain and Resists Mold Mildew and Fungus stains for up to 10 years

The Villages, Florida

Thousands of homes are using vinyl coating to restore home color and eliminate expensive year-over-year power washing to remove dirt, mold, algae

Restore & Preserve

Improving air quality

It has now been shown beyond reasonable doubt that poor indoor air quality in buildings can decrease productivity in addition to causing visitors to express dissatisfaction and health concerns.

Smog and the gassing chemicals in many of our building known as volatile organic compounds have been proven to trigger many health issues. Harvard has proven that these compounds can even lower cognitive function.

Blucities applies a NASA researched and proven technology that is applied to windows and building structures that harness the power of sunlight to purify air. This solution has been deployed in Europe and research suggest that one square meter of coated surfaces is equivalent to removing 60 cars on the highway.

100's of Hospitals

Now Use Window Coatings to improve indoor air quality.

Recently, Atlanta’s Fulton County Schools applied coating to improve student and staff absenteeism.

Window Coatings