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We offer and use only EPA certified, "green" solutions

Our Solutions

We have curated the safest and most effective products available.  We've created our own application, training and safety protocols to guarantee optimal results.

We tailor our solutions for disinfecting needs, the overall environment and most importantly, for tenant or customer safety.  


Our primary solutions are:

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1. Electrolyzed Water (Hypochlorous Acid)

You simply can not believe the safety and efficacy of electrolyzed water.

For many of our clients, electrolyzed water is a "DIY - Do It Yourself" solution offers our clients on-site generation of all of the sanitizer, disinfectant and cleaner required at a fraction of the cost paid for RTU (ready-to-use) solutions along with unmatched safety and clinical efficacy.

Safe for humans and produced by the body to fight infection!  Sounds too good to be true? Learn More

For more information, please see what the medical industry is saying:


BluCities has signed an agreement with GenEon Technologies, LLC to provide a range of electrolyzed water generators and GenEon applicators (e.g. misting machines).


Hypochlorous Acid is a hospital-grade, CDC approved chemical approved to kill COVID-19, C-diff, MRSA, Staff and much more.

2. Organic, US Grown, Thyme-Oil Disinfectant

We partner with Prevasive to apply and resell Prevasive entire portfolio of disinifecting and deodorizing products.  We are proud that these products also offer hospital-grade disinfecting and utilized the “greenest” and safest solutions we have found.

Prevasive’s HP, BAC and Noroxycdiff products are used to disinfect for bacteria and viruses including CDC approval for disinfect for coronavirus.  This product contains the highest amount of proprietary thyme oil.

Thyme oil is an essential oil with strong antimicrobial properties.  There solutions come in a number of clean, fresh scents and are used to eliminate the organic molecules that are the source of malodorous pet, cooking, skunk and smoke odors.

Contact us if you would like us to apply this product and we’d be happy to assist you with creating your own in-house protocol and supply for all Prevasive products.

3. Technically Advanced, Chlorine Dioxide Gasing System

Used by government agencies to disinfect the capital during the anthrax scare and used to remediate and sanitize building following Hurricane Katrina, Chlorine Dioxide, is a CDC proven, high-grade sanitizer.

We like to say that it will "remove the DNA of the previous owner"

Chlorine dioxide molecules are 800 times smaller than Ozone molecules and thus can penetrate carpets, drapes, flooring and walls better than any other sanitizer and disinfectant.

There is simply no better solution to ELIMINATE odor-causing bacteria, mold spores and mildew.  BluCities is called in to apply this solution for the absolute toughest odor-causing events such as skunked homes and garages and smoking odors.


Powerful de-odorizer & disinfectent

Case Study

Blucities was the first to respond to the first documented case of COVID-19 in a housing association. 

We followed CDC protocols for disinfecting.

In fact, we uniquely paired our solutions to exceed customer expectations.  We first applied our hypochlorous acid (HOCL) based, electrolyzed water application to completely sanitize the facility and then, we applied Prevasive's botanical antimicrobial which provided a residual killing effect on all surfaces.