Disinfecting Services

We offer a range of disinfecting services

Blucities uses a variety of products and applications methodologies to meet our clients needs.  We are fully prepared to apply List N products to disinfect for COVID-19.  We match our disinfecting products with the client situation ensuring safety and customer value.

Our Solution

We tailor our solutions for disinfecting needs, the overall environment and most importantly, for tenant or customer safety.  We've created our own safety protocols.

We use unique and in some cases difficult to source products to disinfect environments.  We also use our products in combination.  For example, we use our CLO2 (chlorine dioxide) gassing system to reach difficult to penetrate surfaces (e.g. carpets and even dry wall) and then overlay that treatment with a botanical antimicrobial to neutralize the chlorine and to provide a residual layer of disinfecting.


Blucities was the first to respond to the first documented outbreak in a housing association.  We followed CDC protocols for disinfecting and in fact, went over and above the 'basic' response by first applying a hypochlorous acid (HOCL) based, electrolyzed water application and also applied a botanical antimicrobial which provided a residual killing effect on all surfaces.

BluCities - disenfecting

Blucities applies hospital-grade and EPA approved solutions to disinfect and deodorize

We partner with Prevasive to apply and resell Prevasive entire portfolio of disinifecting and deodorizing products.  We are proud that these products also offer hospital-grade disinfecting and utilized the “greenest” and safest solutions we have found.

Prevasive’s HP, BAC and Noroxycdiff products are used to disinfect for bacteria and viruses including CDC approval for disinfect for coronavirus.  This product contains the highest amount of proprietary thyme oil. Thyme oil is an essential oil with strong antimicrobial properties.  There solutions come in a number of clean, fresh scents and are used to eliminate the organic molecules that are the source of malodorous pet, cooking, skunk and smoke odors.


Contact us if you would like us to apply this product and we’d be happy to assist you with creating your own in-house protocol and supply for all Prevasive products.