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We remove Smoke, Skunk, Pets, Musty, ETC (All Odors)


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“We Remove EXTREME Odors Others Can’t”

We Guarantee Odor Removal

Our Technologically Advanced Vapor System

Safe For Kids-People-Pets  LEAVES NO RESIDUE 


After decades of trial & error we have developed the perfect odor elimination system we call, the Technologically Advanced Vapor SystemTM.  Our system is not available in stores.  We have developed our own application methodology.  The active ingredient in our system, chlorine-dioxide, has been used by professional to disinfect and de-odorize "worst case" scenarios like Hurricane Katrina and the anthrax scare in the US capitol. 

Odors We Eleminate

(1)  Smoke including marijuana
(2)  Pets (including urine odors in carpets, drapes etc.)
(3)  Cooking odors
(4)  Pests (including odors as noxious as skunk or animals that have died in crawl spaces, fan vents etc.)

Powerful de-odorizer & disinfectent


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Homeowner, Spring Hill

My house had a pest issue - a skunk had gotten in our crawl space somehow.  I was horrified and I called Blucities.  They not only eliminated the odor, their process allowed us to identify exactly where the skunk had sprayed and they came back and retreated that specified space and "YES", all of the odor was removed.



I couldn't sell a house I had listed due to a smoke smell.  One day after Blucities treated the home, it sold!  

Over the next 4 months, Blucities treated 52 of our homes and condos and we've seen the results.

Call us right now.  We're standing by.  You will talk to Matt, the owner of BluCities and if he doesn't pick up the phone, he will return your call if you leave a voice message.

(615) 203-2975

“We Remove EXTREME Odors Others Can’t”

De-odorized homes sell faster
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