We have curated the following products for your cleaning, disinfecting and de-odorizing needs.  We partner with our manufacturers for the best price and we offer free trials and samples of our solutions.

Instaflow E-Water Generator (by GenEon Technologies)

  • Ideal for businesses, schools, restaurants and large gyms.
  • The generator can produce 40 gallons of either the HOCL-based disinfectant or industrial-grade and EPA certified heavy cleaner (degreaser) or window cleaner ever 2 hours.
  • Final disinfecting solution can be user configured for 50, 100 or 200 ppm HOCL!
  • Underwriter Labs Certified.  This unit is about the size of an electrical box or tankless water heater and requires only 110V electrical outlet and standard water source.


We offer the first truly affordable set of solutions.   We don't lock customers into long term rental or maintenance agreements.

Instaflow Generator
Generate all of the CDC, EPA and FDA disinfectant as you need using on-site generation
HOCL generator for small offices
Generate all of the CDC, EPA and FDA disinfectant as you need using on-site generation

TRIO RX On-Site Generator (by GenEon Technologies)

Ideal for doctors, dentist or optometry offices, day cares, work out studios etc.

The TRIO RX makes up to 64 ounces of hospital-grade, safe disinfectant (based on the natures's germ killer - hypochlorous acid.  For 90 cents! you make enough disinfectant to wipe, spray or electrostatically spray well over 5,000 square feet.

Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner (BAC)

A green AND hospital-grade disinfectant and de-odorizer used by hospitals, medical centers, assisted living centers, airports, recreation centers, schools and much more.

Active Ingredient:  Thyme Oil 0.23%

Prevasive's proprietary blend also includes unique 'surfactants' which provides for even coating and residual effect on surfaces.


Contact us for palette size orders.


Fogging and Spraying Machines

Can't find a spraying machine for your disinfecting needs?  Tired of quickly and poorly made machines breaking.  We are too.  We source and sell machines that were designed in the US, tested and deployed (before the COVID-19 crisis).  


We sell two of the finest machines on the market - one is battery powered for unlimited mobility and the other is electric powered, however, both deliver optimal particle sizes for disinfecting.