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Disenfecting Services

picture of electrostatic spraying
Active Disinfecting

Leading companies are buying electrolyzed water solutions from Blucities in order to produce a safe and strong disinfectant and cleaner whenever they need it.

Active Disinfecting

Essential oils are also incredible and safe solutions for disinfecting and providing long-term solutions for removing odors and killing viruses, bacteria and mold.

Other Services

Powerful de-odorizer & disinfectent
Odor Removal

Blucities can guarantee the elimination of and not masking of odors.  For the strongest odors, Blucities uses a propriety application of chlorine dioxide to eliminate the toughest odors.

Mold removal, abatement and protection

While we are not a remediation company, we have served homeowners and businesses eliminate mold from existing surfaces (even crawl spaces) and, we can apply additional coatings to ensure indoor & outdoor mold does not grow back.

Using the Sun to Purify Indoor Air

Volatile organic compounds and smog can be removed from indoor air by using a NASA researched coating that filters air with the power of sun light.  Harvard has proven that indoor air quality improves employee attendance and even cognitive levels.