Odor Removal

Removing unwanted odors

Home, apartment and condo owners in Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin SPRING TIME is skunk mating season.  We will be on site immediately and we guarantee our results.

Completely eliminate Odors

We utilize a safe gassing system that completely eliminates odors from:


(1)  Smoke including marijuana
(2)  Pets (including urine odors in carpets, drapes etc.)
(3)  Cooking odors
(4)  Pests (including odors as noxious as skunk or animals that have died in crawl spaces, fan vents etc.)

Our Solution

Blucities utilizes an environmentally safe gassing process that neutralizes the odor causing molecules.  The process takes only 9 hours, can cover your entire home or workplace and completely de-odorizes all surfaces, materials and HVAC systems and duct work.

We Guarantee Odor Removal
We Guarantee Odor Removal
Powerful de-odorizer & disinfectent
Blucities is certified and expert at the use of and application of chlorine dioxide


Homeowner, Tampa, Fl

An insurance company quoted $30K to remove very pungent odors, the Blucities treatment was a small fraction of this cost and the odor was eliminated.”

Realtor, Nashville, TN

I couldn’t sell this house because of the smoke smell.  One day after the Blucities treatment, I had a bid on the house and it sold!
I was convinced.  Over the next 4 months, Blucities has treated 52 of our homes and condos.