Electrolyzed Water: Simply the safest and most effective disinfectant on the planet.

Learn more about Hypochlorous Acid and the newest and safest disinfecting solution that is winning supporters.

Unparalleled Safety, Efficacy and Cost

The active ingredient in electrolyzed water is hypochlorous acid (HOCL).  Some things you need to know about hypochlorous acid -

Be prepared to be surprised.


  • The human body produces hypochlorous acid to kill germs
    HOCL is known as "nature's germ killer"
  • No personal protective equipment (PPE) required to apply
  • FDA approved to use on food surfaces and food disinfecting
  • Recommended by Green School Initiatives as a much safer alternative to bleach or quats (ammonia).


  • Hypochlorous acid is 80 to 100 times stronger than bleach for disinfecting (CDC article)
  • The unique oxidizing properties of HOCL means "no known survivors".  HOCL has been proven to kill "superbugs" like MRSA
  • The EPA recognizes HOCL as one of a few 'active ingredients' receiving Emerging Pathogen Kill Claims
    • An active ingredient appearing on "List N" by the EPA to kill COVID-19

Cost and efficiency

  • Don't worry about 'running out' of solutions - you make as much you need
  • Don't worry about finding out your disinfectants and cleaners are on 'back order' or 'out of stock'
    • Make you own wipes,
    • Use as a hand sanitizer that won't dry hands and skin

      Read the label, HOCL can kill 99.999% of germs while alcohol-based wipes only provide 99.9% proven effectives & they dry out your skin.

  • Apply with a sprayer that requires no manual and time consuming wiping of surfaces- the solution is even Wool Certified safe for clothing and furniture


Safe for humans and produced by the body to fight infection!

Sounds too good to be true?

More schools, universities, gyms, assisted living centers, offices, call centers, doctors & dentist offices are adopting every day and . . . they are finding new uses of the e-water every day (e.g. "we are letting residents take solutions home to clean residents").

Middle Tennessee Clinical Trials Center
Selects E-Water and Blucities 

The only non-university based research study COVID-19


Case Study

For our clinical trials we were seeing first responders for COVID-19 and we had to disinfect every room after each patient visit - it took too long and I was using to many wipes.  With e-water I electrostatically disinfected each room in seconds.

Hypochlorous acid is real and it's safe.  I don't understand why everyone concerned about safety and cost is not using this.

Dr. Alex Slandzicki
CEO, Middle Tennessee Clinical Trials Center

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