Odor Removal

“The Blucities solution is amazing, they have serviced over 52 homes for us and completely eliminated pet, smoking, pest and cooking odors.”

Mold Removal

Mold presents serious health issues.  Learn how Blucities diagnoses and applies one or more solutions to eliminate mold (including crawl spaces) in a safe and cost effective manner.

Indoor Air Quality

Let the power of light purify the air in your home, school or work place.  Learn how productivity, school attendance and health have improved with higher quality indoor air.

Exterior Building Restoration

Learn how Blucities applied ColorRenu or PURETI products removes mold, dirt and grime from all surfaces including vinyl, stucco, wood, brick, metal and glass and restores surfaces and signs to original color. Lower your cleaning cost and enhance your buildings appearance.

Our Mission

To apply the safest and most innovative coating, disinfecting and environmental solutions to significantly improve the health of our clients’ customer

Our World

Our vision is to transform customer’s thinking from “cleaning” and “maintenance” to customer health and a ‘greener’ planet

◊  Blucities is trained and licensed for all of the solutions we apply which are certified safe.

◊  Products and methods used by have been researched, used, verified and featured by NASA, NSF (National Science Foundation), US Green Building Council, Edison Awards, PIA ’13, CTV, Bob Villa and

◊  Our products are used in hundreds of hospitals throughout the US.